Uttam Maheshwari Explains How to Be Your Own Doctor

Uttam Maheshwari Explains How to Be Your Own Doctor

Shri Uttam Maheshwari, a promoter of cow protection, conducted a two-day seminar titled ‘Apne Docter Swayam Bane’ (Be your own Doctor) on 20 and 21 October 2012.

On the first day of the seminar, Uttam Maheshwariji spoke about the importance of cow in Vedic culture. He discussed the five main products (Panca-gavya) we receive from the cow namely milk, cow dung, cow urine, yogurt and ghee. He explained in details how each of these products benefit the human body and how they should be an integral part of our daily life to help us to not only keep free from disease but also make advancement in devotional life.

He dedicated the entire day two of the seminar to explain that as mentioned in the Ayurveda every person’s body is made of three buy doxycycline pharmacy primary dosha (component) namely Vata, Pitta and Khapha and an imbalance in any one of these is the cause of any disease. He explained the characteristics of each dosha and suggested means to balance and calm any aggravated dosha with the help of Pacha-gavya – namely milk, yogurt, cow ghee, and cow urine and cow dung.

He requested the attendees to visit Nilachal Dham farm, an eco-friendly initiative by ISKCON Juhu, which not only promotes organic farming but is also a home to more than 30 cows and calves, many of which are saved from being slaughtered. He stressed the immense benefits of serving cows – by patting cows, feeding them, using cow products, etc.

The session concluded with a very informative Question and Answer session and dinner prasada for all.

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