Talk on Good Health by Uttam Maheshwari

Uttam Maheshwari, an expert on health care and well being, addressed more than 200 people at ISKCON Juhu extolling the health and spiritual benefits of cow, cow seva and cow products. 
In his two hour lecture, Uttamji urged people to lead a simple life. He explained the importance of cow and explained how various products such ghee, cow urine, cow dung, etc are helpful for human civilization. He urged listeners to include the above mentioned cow products as part of their daily life to cure and prevent several diseases including cancer, heart attacks, arthritis, acidity and many more.
He emphasized how serving and connecting with cow leads to spiritual advancement.  He urged everyone to visit ISKCON Juhu’s farm Nilachal Dham at Talasari (Maharastra) which houses more than 20 cows. He explained how patting cows, spending time with them and serving them helps one to relax physically and rejuvenate mentally. He highlighted the fact that cow products like ghee, cow urine, etc are antibacterial and antioxidants and can counter all the harmful effect of modern stressful life.  He shared simple household tips to ward off ill health and counteract harmful diseases.