Sitanavmi Celebrations & Photo Gallery

Sitanavmi CelebrartionDevotees at Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari temple celebrated Sitanavami on Sunday, 3 May 2009. Sitanavami is auspicious day of the appearance of Srimati Sitadevi, the eternal consort of Lord Rama.

The festivities began early in the morning with a shobha yatra at Juhu beach. The utsav murti of Sri Sri Sita Rama toured the Juhu beach in a silver flower bedecked palanquin and blessed several citizens of Mumbai en route. The celebrations at the temple began with exquisite darshan of Their Lordships during sringar-darshan. This was followed by maha-abhishek and maha-arati of Sri Sri Sita Rama at 11:30am amidst hundred of devotees, life members and well-wishers chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra and glories of Sri Sri Sita Rama in the packed temple room and trying to get a glimpse of the abhishek.

Srimati Sita devi is also a manifestation of the goddess of fortune, Laxmidevi. She appeared to King Janak in the Treta-yuga when he was ploughing the field. He raised her with much love and affection. She was married to Lord Rama with great pomp. When Lord Rama was banished to the forest for fourteen years, Sitadevi left the comforts of the palace and joined Him. She endured much difficulty in the forest and was also kidnapped by the demonic king Ravana. She always remained chaste to Lord and was the mother of his two twin sons Luv and Kush.

For all who missed the Sitanavami festival celebrations at the temple kindly click here for festival pictures: