Ramnavami Festivities Draws Thousands

Ramnavami Festivities Draws Thousands

Ramnavami is the appearance day of Lord Rama. Lord Rama appeared as the son of King Dasharath and Queen Kaushalya in the dynasty of Sun-god. He is an incarnation of Lord Krishna who appeared in Treta-yuga as an ideal king who exhibited high standard of morality and virtue.

A grand Ramnavami, with celebrations spanning over five-days, was celebrated at ISKCON Juhu from 4 – 8 April. The celebrations began with narration of pastimes of Lord Rama from his childhood days till he took over as the king of Ayodhya. HG Sarvabhauma Das explained in detailed most of the pastimes of Lord Rama as stated in Valmiki Ramayan, an ancient Vedic scripture from 4 – 8 April.

The Deities of Sri Sri Sita Rama Laxman Hanuman rode on a beautifully decorated boat on 6 April in the temple courtyard which was filled with water and covered with a flower bed depicting a design of a bow, was is the chief weapon of Lord Rama. The main day of the fesitivities, 8 April, saw huge crowds of people visit the temple to either catch a quick glimpse of Sri Sri Sita Rama or leisurely participate in the day-long celebrations which included maha-abhishek and arati, Kalash abhishek and narration of pastimes of Lord Rama.

Every visitor to the temple left satisfied not only with darshan of the Lords but also a plateful of hot sanctified meal which was distributed by volunteers throughout the day.

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