Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi

Back CameraPandava Nirjala Ekadasi is also known as Bhimseni Ekadasi after Bhimsena, one of the Pandavas.
Srila Vyasadeva instructed Bhimsena to follow this particular Ekadasi occurring in the month of May/June, since Bhimsena could not observe any other Ekadasi as he was totally unable to fast. 

For the benefit of Bhimsena and other human beings, Srila Vyasadeva narrates what Lord Visnu told him. The Lord said, “If a person gives up all varieties of religion and surrenders unto Me and follows this Nirjala Ekadasi which is very dear to Me, he is certainly relieved of all sinful reactions. One cannot attain the supreme destination by giving wealth in charity or attain any benefit by following smarta rules and regulations in the Kali-yuga.

In fact the Vedic religious principles have been extinct in this age of Kali, which is polluted with various faults.”

Thus, Srila Vyasadeva concludes that one who strictly observes this Ekadasi without drinking water can attain the results of observing all Ekadasis of the year.

The devotes at ISKCON Juhu observed the Nirjala Ekadasi on June 12th 2011. Several devotees and congregation members gathered to participate in the 24 hour kirtan and inspired each other to engage in various devotional services on this auspicious occasion. Devotees fasted not only from grains, as is done for every Ekadasi, but even refrained from partaking a drop of water.
After successfully fasting, the devotees gathered the next day morning to break their fast with steaming hot upma, crunchy poha, cool watermelon juice and delicious thandhai.