Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi Celebrations

Nirjala EkadashiThis year Nirjala Ekadasi was on 3 June 2009. Nirjala Ekadasi is an extraordinary Ekadasi where devotees fast not only from grains but also from water.
Vedic scriptures mention that if during the hottest season (northern hemisphere) on Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi if one performs fasting without water one is performing a great feat. Bhima, the mighty warrior of the Pandava dynasty, requested one fasting day by which he could obtain the fruits of all the other days of the fasting that he was incapable of observing.Vyasadeva advised him to follow the Nirjala Ekadasi whereby one should not even drink water.Devotees at ISKCON Juhu celebrated the Nirjala ekadasi by congregating together in the temple for a 24 hours bhajan and kirtan. Several devotees attended the early morning mangala-arati on the following day and broke their fast with juice, thandai and poha feast served to all the devotees in the Vrindavan Hall.
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