The most merciful Lord Nityananda blesses all on His appearance day

Celebration Nityananda Trayodasi 180x135The appearance day of Lord Nityananda was celebrated this year on 5 February 2012. The festivities at the temple started early in the morning with the Shobha Yatra consisting of several dancing and chanting devotees and congregation. The flower bedecked palanquin and the wonderful procession attracted many en route, who stopped in their steps to have a darshan of Their Lordships and receive blessing. The Shobha Yatra went around Juhu beach and culminated at the temple with the most ecstatic crowd chanting the Holy names. This was followed by a special lecture on on the glories of Lord Nityananad and a special abhishek ceremony.  The bathing of the Lord with sacred substances (abhishek) amid the chants of Brahma Samhita seemed like a magical event, transporting one to a different plane. All those present to participate and witness this most auspicious ceremony felt tremendously fortunate and blessed. The half day fasting period ended with a prasada feast for all.

Lord Nityananda, the original spiritual master and the eternal associate of Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared on the auspicious thirteenth day of the bright fortnight of the month of Maga around the year 1474 in Ekacakra, a small village in present West Bengal. As a child, Nitai (as Nityananda Prabhu was called), loved to enact the pastimes of Sri Krishna or Lord Rama. He did this so authoritatively and with such rapture, that the entire village would be immersed in the love of Godhead.

At the age of 13, His parents agreed to offer Him as a traveling companion to the famous sannyasi Lakshmipati Tirtha. For the next 20 years Nitai traveled with him visiting holy places and associating with exalted vaishnavas. In 1506, when Nityananda Prabhu was 32 years old He met with Caitanya Mahaprabhu and there on in His role as the original spiritual master, was instrumental in spreading the yuga dharma of sankritana all over the Gaudia desh (Bengal, Orrisa). His mercy knew no bounds, and people fortunate to come in contact with Him were inundated with the love of Godhead.

Vaishanava acaryas emphatically state that people who try to understand Caitanya Mahaprabhu without getting the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu will never succeed and one must pray very sincerely to Lord Nityananda Prabhu as the adi-guru (original spiritual master) to be delivered to the Lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. 

Lord Nityananda serves as an intermediary between Mahaprabhu and His devotees, He is the Lord's active principle in both creation and lila. He is the second body of the Lord, manifesting as Balaram to Sri Krishna, Lakshman to Sri Ram and Nityananda Prabhu to Caitanya Mahaprabhu. All other forms and expansions of the Lord emanate from this second body. Nityananda Prabhu is thus the source of Sankarshan, all the Vishu's, and Ananta Sesa. Thus on the auspicious appearance day of Lord Nityananda, thousands gathered to pray at His lotus feet for His special mercy, to be able to perform devotional service and experience spiritual bliss.

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