Magnificent Janmashtami celebrations attracts Mumbaities

Sri Krishna Janmastami 20111ISKCON Juhu celebrated its famed Janmashtami with magnificence and fervor on 22 August 2011. The temple was grandly decorated with multi-coloured flowers, flower flutes, butter pots and peacocks reminding one of the mood of Vrindavan. The exquisite decorations announced of one of the most celebrated event in the entire universe to the huge crowds who thronged the temple for darshan of Lord Krishna on His appearance day.

Devotees turned up in large numbers in the wee hours of morning to get the first glimpse of the Lord during the mangala-arati which was later followed by darshan -arati when the crowds beheld the beautiful forms of Their Lordships who stood in Their entire splendor to bestow mercy on lakhs of devotees who came for His darshan. HH Gopal Krishna Goswami, a senior sannyasi and GBC member revisted the appearance pastimes of Lord Krishna during his spiritual discourse.

Special highlights of the festival included the erection of a huge waterproof pandal with areas earmarked for visitors, life members and Kalash abhishek; stalls exhibiting the various facets of spiritual and devotional life; distribution of several lakh cupfuls of ekadasi halava prasada to every person who visited the temple; opportunity for several citizens of Mumbai to perform Kalash abhishek; extensive crowd control and security arrangement to ensure a satisfactory darshan and a safe festival for everyone and a grand maha-abhishek and arati at midnight witnessed by thousands of citizens of Mumbai.

The tireless preparations coordinated for months prior to Janmashtami by the temple management and Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Committee members culminated in a hugely successful festival with everyone soaked in the special mercy of the Lord.