Lord Chaitanya’s Mercy Descends Through Shastra & Sangit Program

Lord Chaitanya's Mercy Descends Through Shastra & Sangit Program

On 7 October 2012, members and students of the Ladies satsang experienced an unexpected flow of Lord Chaitanaya’s mercy. They performed a cultural show to depict the teachings of Lord Chaitanya that is concisely expressed in eight verse known as the “Sri Shikshastakam”. These verses teach a sadhaka, (a practitioner of Bhakti yoga) how to progress step by step from the level of initial faith to complete development of love of God, Krishna Prema. Hence the devotee becomes liberated from the material body, achieves his siddha deha (spiritual body) and remains eternally situated at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna in his spiritual abode.

The members of the Ladies satsang explained the philosophy of those eight verses and demonstrated them through dance, drama, bhajans and a slide show of devotees engaged in harinam sankirtan throughout the world. Inexplicably as they performed, each experienced the decent of Lord Chaitanya’s mercy. Jayshree, the dance performed, exclaimed “What is this Shikshastakam” that I am experiencing shivering of my body and tears. Chaya Gopi, the bhajan singer, similarly exclaimed “From head to toe, the hairs on my body are standing on end” and she cried.

The performance similarly affected the audience. “It was most purifying” said Nama Cintamani Dasi. “Though I have read and heard the explanation of the ‘Sri Shikshastakam’ before I have never realized or understood its meaning as much as I did by seeing this performance” said Ananda Radha Dasi. “I am sure whoever has watched this performance will forever be benefitted”.

Qualified or not qualified, the most munificent Lord Chaitanya, travelled from town to town, village to village, to give love of God to anyone who came in touch with Him. This same divine presence and mercy was showered upon performers and audience of the ‘Sri Shikshastakam’ prayers.

The Ladies satsangs are held throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday, at different times to suit housewives, young girls and working women. For participation, please contact: 9892918287.