Japa Marathon

Japa MarathonISKCON Juhu hosted Japa Marathon on 1st May, 2009 which was Public Holiday.

It was a very special effort to uplift the spiritual Consciousness of the devotees and citizens of Mumbai. Around 180 people came together to participate in Japa Marathon and they chanted Mahamantra whole day. The main aim of Japa Marathon Program was to make everyone to come together and spend their holiday to experience the divine association of Lord through chanting His Holy names in association of devotees.

Breakfast and lunch for all was taken care of nicely by Temple. Program was ended with ecstatic Kirtan, and short speech of H.G.Mukunda Madhav Das. Those participants who could chant sixty four rounds or more than that during whole day were encouraged and honored with special gift by H.G.Brajahari Das, Temple President of Juhu ISKCON