IYF Retreat at Eco-Friendly Nilachal Dham Farm

IYF Retreat at Eco-Friendly Nilachal Dham Farm

Members of ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF), Juhu got away from the rush and stress of Mumbai life for a one and a half day retreat to Nilachal Dham Farm at Talasari on 25 and 26 August 2012. Nilachal Dham Farm is an eco-friendly farm initiative by ISKCON, Juhu.

IYF coordinators and around 35 participants visited the farm and experienced a refreshing and simple Vedic lifestyle. Participants were members who got connected to Krishna Consciousness recently through the ‘The Best in YOU’ camps organized by IYF Juhu regularly. The participants attended the mangala -arati, chanting session and Sringar darhsan arati conducted daily at the temple on the farm followed by breakfast prasada.

IYF program coordinators had arranged separate discourses for juniors and senior participants on topics like ‘The 4 Regulative Principles for Freedom’, ‘Why we do what we do’ & a combined session on ‘Vaishnava Etiquettes & Behaviour’.  There were discussions amidst several small groups of devotees on ‘Simplicity in Vaishnavism’.  Participants especially relished lunch prasada including delicious and organic vegetables which were picked from farm fields.

Nilachal Dham Farm has a Goshala (cow shed) and an extensive cultivation of variety of flowers and a green house. The participants took in the natural fragrance of the newly blossomed flowers. The farm houses beautiful deities of Lord Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra with wonderful village style paintings on walls depicting various Vrindavana pastimes of Lord Krishna like lifting the Govardhan hill etc.  The participants sang and danced the Hare Krishna Mantra in the temple whose floor and side walls are layered with pure cow dung.

All the devotees assembled together for a Harinam Sankirtan (congregation chanting) in the farm before the conclusion. Enthusiastic kirtans in the Sankirtan Bus while going to & coming back from Nilachan Dham farm added a special flavour to the spirit of the whole retreat.