‘ISKCON LEADS’ initiates training in India

ISKCON LeadsUnder the direction and inspiration of the GBC Succession Committee, Indian Regional Governing Body Members and Zonal Secretaries met with top ISKCON educators in India on numerous occasions since November 2008. This resulted in the birth of the ISKCON LEADS training program. ISKCON LEADS is an acronym for ISKCON Leadership Education and Development System.
ISKCON LEADS gives current leaders an excellent opportunity to identify potential leaders within their temples, regions and zones.
Selected candidates enter a comprehensive training program of seventeen courses of four or five days each. This totals 89 days to be completed within a period of three years. The program covers Inter-Personal Spiritual Development, Missionary & Family Spirit Development and ISKCON Institutional Development. 
Brhat Mrdanga Dasa, a member of the GBC Succession Committee, and chairman of ‘ISKCON LEADS” has been educating devotees in ISKCON for over 18 years. He facilitated the first course on ‘Bhakti-Sadacara (Krsna Conscious Behavior)’ at ISKCON JUHU Mumbai for the Western Division from 17th to 20th March, 2009 with 49 attendees. 
The course included skits, slide shows, and group presentations thus giving everyone a life-changing experience. The office facilities, accommodation and prasadam provided by ISKCON Juhu were excellent.
 The other courses of this program will be conducted periodically at selected centers in all over India.
For more information please contact: 
Vamsi Vadan Dasa (Secretary) on email: ISKCON.LEADS@pamho.net