Initiation Exam Conducted in The Temple

Initiation exam conductedAn initiation exam was conducted on 2 October 2012 for devotees who aspire to take initiation from one of the several initiating spiritual masters (gurus) in ISKCON.The minimum qualification for anyone aspiring to take initiation within ISKCON is chanting sixteen rounds of Hare Krishna Maha-mantra on their chanting beads daily and following four regulative principles namely no meat eating, no gambling, no illicit sex and no intoxication. Devotees who aspire to take initiation are under the care of spiritual / devotional counselors who are available for devotional guidance and track the devotional progress of an aspiring initiate.

Fifteen devotees who have been visiting the temple regularly since more than a year, agreed to follow the initiation vows and showed steady sadhana (devotional practice) progress for a year took the written initiation exam which was conducted by Integrated Preaching Program (IPP) Dept.

The initiation paper was set as per the guidelines given by ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission (GBC). Devotees who pass their exams shall qualify to receive an approval letter from the Temple President and they can thereafter receive initiation from any initiating spiritual masters in ISKCON.