Hot Meals for 1,50,000 Underprivilaged on Makar Sankranti

HH Gopal Krishna Goswami

Makar Sankranti signify the entry of Sun in the Northern Hemisphere (makara-rasi). Vedic scriptures recommend giving charity on this day and of all form of charity, anna-dan or charity of food is most auspicious. 
ISKCON Juhu distributed more than 1,50,000 plates of hot prasada meals to visitors at the temple and the underprivileged in Mumbai on 14 and 15 January 2015. The meals consisted of hot rice, vegetable with gravy, halava (sweet) and pickle. 
A team of 150 volunteers and devotees were pressed into service to prepare and cook the prasada while another 200 devotees and congregation members coordinated the prasada distribution at various locations in Mumbai. More than 70 vans were dispatched from the temple since early morning to reach their designated location before noon to facilitate families to have hot lunch meals. Besides distributing meals at various slums in Mumbai, meals were also dispatched to several schools, old age homes and other institutions for underprivileged. 
A month prior to Makar Sankranti, several Life Patrons, well-wishers and congregation devotees donated in cash and kind towards the Anna dan and made it possible for thousands of unprivileged citizens of Mumbai to have a hot sanctified meal. 
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