Grand Janmashtami Celebrations Enthralls All

Grand Janmashtami Celebrations Enthralls All

ISKCON hosted its grand Janmashtami celebration with much fervor on 9th & 10th August. The festivities started in the early hours of the morning with mangala-arati. Thousands gathered to welcome the Deities in their hearts during the Sringar darshan where the Deities worn new fuchsia and yellow sequined and embroidered outfits.

Special darshan arrangements were made for the public, life patrons and guests to take darshan. More than 500 volunteers, 100 police personnel and 500 workers were pressed into service to oversee various aspects of the celebrations. A festive atmosphere prevailed in the temple which was exquisitely decorated with fresh colorful flowers arrangement and special light effects.

Several stalls exhibited the various facets of spiritual and devotional life of which the ‘Kaun Banega Krishna Bhakta’ stall based on a quiz on Bhagavad –gita and organized by Bhakti Lata group attracted the maximum number of visitors. While delicious lunch prasad was arranged for all Life Patrons, every person who visited the temple got a cupful of hot halava.

The evening festivities saw several citizens of society perform the Kalash abhishek which culminated in the maha-abhishek and maha-arati at midnight.

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