Go-raksha – Cow Protection

Stray Cow

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Go-raksha (Cow care) at ISKCON Goshala

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If you drive from Talasari to Surat, you will find several cows lying right in the middle of the National Highway. About 15 cows get killed every month in Talasari area alone by speeding vehicles on the highway. And, many more are hurt.

Why are these cows lying on the highway? The poor farmers who could not afford to take care of non-milking cows, generally let them stray out.

It is well known that several farmers commit suicide due to heavy debts. With deficient monsoon rains this year, the situation is expected to worsen. In such a situation, taking care of cows is out of question for the poor farmers.

According to Vedic culture, the cow, go-mata, is considered one of the mothers. As a mother, the cow deserves our veneration, love and protection. The protection of cows pleases Lord Krishna very much.

The Vedic scriptures say that the cow is the emblem of dharma. In fact, all the demigods live in the body of the cow and hence the cow is considered sacred. By serving a cow one gets the benefit of serving all the demigods. By helping protect cows, one is actually protecting dharma.

ISKCON Juhu has recently established a goshala in the organic farm at Talasari on the outskirts of Mumbai. In coordination with the local authorities, some of the cows on the highway have already been adopted by ISKCON and they are being taken care of very well. But there are many more cows, without any hope for future, still straying on the highway.

Please join hands with ISKCON in rescuing cows, and bringing them to a safe shelter at the Talasari Farm, a place where they are taken care of, just like mothers should be.

Please contribute generously for the holy cause of go-raksha, cow protection. To make a donation, please click here.

ISKCON is creating an endowment fund to take perpetual care of stray cows. A donation of Rs. 3,16,000/- will be kept in a fixed deposit and the interest accrued will be used to feed a cow, daily. By making an endowment donation, one will be feeding a cow everyday, forever.

For further details please write to us at bhisma@iskcontrust.org or contact Dr. Mukunda Madhava Das on 09987786448.