Girls Youth Forum
Bhakti-Lata is a youth forum designed exclusively for young girls from ages 15 to 35 years. The sessions cater to the introspective and inquisitive minds of modern youth. It is a dynamic, interactive and enjoyable spiritual forum which meets every Saturday between 6:00pm-8pm at Chakra Hall, 2nd floor, ISKCON Juhu.
The program offers study courses in Bhagavad-gita along with personalized spiritual guidance, camps, picnics and youth festival.
Bhakti-Lata Youth Forum for Girls flagged off the Living the Bhagavad-gita Study Course this October with many enthusiastic girls joining in.
What’s currently on at BLYF?
‘Living the Bhagavad-gita’ :  a practical study course for girls by Bhakti-Lata Youth Forum. Here’s your chance to begin afresh and decipher the eternal wisdom of Lord Krishna’s instructions. This course is open to girls (ages 15-35years).
Learn how to practically apply the teachings of Bhagavad-gita in your day to day life, become free from stress and anxiety and attain ultimate peace and happiness. Members will be awarded “Passports to the Spiritual World”, a novel membership card that helps them track their progress with chanting and reading on a daily, weekly as well as monthly basis .
Don’t miss! The time is now. Practical guidance in an enthusiastic environment is guaranteed.
Have your doubts cleared and check your progress through regular counseling and regular performance reports.
Program details:
Time:               6pm (sharp) – 8pm
Day:                            Every Saturday
Speaker:          Krishnamayi devi dasi
Venue:             Chakra Hall, Heaven on Earth Building, 2nd Floor, ISKCON Juhu
Sumptuous dinner prasadam served after every session.
For more details, call : 9820288083
 Member’s Speak…
 Bhakti-Lata Youth Forum for girls is a very ‘Special Opportunity’ in Krishna consciousness and every girl must grab it!   —Shivangi Rai  (College Student)
Every Problem and difficult situation is embedded with a solution by Lord Krishna. The  adventure lies in finding the solution-so be the part of this program, it’s really interesting. —Hemal Nayak (Call centre employee)
BLYF is simply Dynamic. It’s like charging our spiritual batteries every Saturday, which takes us a long, long way…. —Ashika Dinesh (Air hostess)
Bhakti Lata Forum is very dynamic for practicing devotional service. —Jigna Zalera (College Student)
It’s Bhakti-Lata who taught me how to love the SUPREME Personality of Godhead.
My life is changed now; Krishna is in centre of my work & everything for me.
—Anuradha Narayan (Yoga teacher)
If you find this world materialistic and want to refresh with sattvic enlightenment, this is the place to be! Blissful, Peaceful and Effulgent! Be Here. Saturdays are booked from now on —Niyati Choksi (Self employed)
BLYF is a very well organized program and the enthusiasm of the group is very inspiring. I eagerly look forward to Saturdays. —Ranjita Deo(Finance
The lessons preached here, the pure atmosphere over here and the lovely prasadam brings me  to BLYF —Harsha S. (Handwriting analyst)