Food For Life

Food For Life

“No one within ten miles of a temple should go hungry…”

In 1974, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, shocked and saddened upon seeing a group of village children in Mayapur (near Kolkata) fighting with street dogs over scraps of food, told his disciples: “No one within ten miles of a temple should go hungry . . . I want you to immediately begin serving food.” Heeding to Prabhupada plea, ISKCON devotees around the world were inspired to expand that original effort into a global network.

In the 1970's, ISKCON expanded its vision of prasad distribution and developed the Food for Life program to target food distribution to the less fortunate. In many cities special food distribution vehicles were purchased and daily delivery routes to low-income areas began.

In Mumbai, last year ISKCON Juhu distributed more than10 lakh plates of prasada meal and 60 lakh cups of halava in and outside the temple premises. The above mentioned prasada meals were distributed to underprivileged during several festivals, as part of Anna Dan Seva initiative during Makar Sankranti, at temple anniversary celebrations and many other occasions.

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