Devotees invite Mumbaikars to Chant for World Peace

World Holy Name Week MumbaiDevotees, congregation members and well wishes of ISKCON Mumbai observed the World Holy Name Day on 25 Sept 2011 – a celebration of the spiritual practice of chanting God’s names. All the four ISKCON temples in Mumbai, namely Juhu, Chowpatty, Mira Road and Khargar, came together at the Gateway of India to participate in the congregational chanting of the Holy Names and bringing auspiciousness to the world.

This was also in keeping with this year’s World Holy Name Day theme, to increase auspiciousness on the planet through global initiatives like public chanting and global prayers.

World Holy Name Day was marked in a variety of ways with about 67 ISKCON temples across India and hundreds more around the world participating in this event.

Devotees at ISKCON believe that the spiritual vibration of chanting the Holy Names shall help to dissipate the cloud of stress and fear that have become part of a Mumbaikar’s daily life, and bring in the necessary peace and happiness. Through this chanting, ISKCON wanted to share the love of God with all.
More than 2000 devotees and well-wishers participated in the event that not only drew curiosity from the public but also inspired several onlookers to join the chant.

The devotees began the harinam (congregation chanting of the Holy Names) from Gateway of India at 4:30 pm and concluded at Azad Maidan via PJ Ramchandani Road, Ormiston Road, Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg(Regal), Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Chowk, MG Road, proceeding through Fashion Street & Metro, then take right turn & passing St. Xaviers college. The program concluded with distribution of convenient carry away dinner boxed prasada for all.