Devotees gather to celebrate HH Jayapataka Swami’s Vyasa Puja

Disciples and devotees organized a Vyasa Puja for HH Jayapakata Swami on 3 April at Hare Krishna Land. The celebrations commenced with disciples of Maharaj circumbulating the Deities in the temple hall with his pictures. Senior devotees like Bhima Dasa, Devakinandan Dasa, Braja Hari Dasa, Jalatala devi dasi and several others made their offerings and shared memories related to Maharaj. Several well-wishers and disciples laid out bhoga offerings for Maharaj which included several subjis, sweets, savories, drinks and a huge cake.

Devotees offering pushpanjali and arati to Maharaj and concluded the celebration with a grand ten course Ekadasi feast.

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