Devotees Enjoy Fun – Filled Picnic

Devotees Enjoy Fun - Filled Picnic

The Management organized a fun-filled picnic for all temple devotees including brahmacaris and resident grihastas (married couples) to Nilachal Dham Farm (Talasari) and Umargoan Farm on 26 January 2013.

Two buses and several cars left the temple at early hours of the morning and headed to the Umargoan Farm.  Upon arrival, Damodar Dulal Das – Manager , greeted the devotees with garlands  and date juice drink, the flowers and fruits used for both of these grown on the farm respectively followed by a breakfast of hot poha (chipped rice), gulab jamun and fresh organic chickoos. Devotees broke into smaller groups and went across the farm to visit the newly constructed goshala (shed) for the bulls and plantation areas. They plucked and bit into juicy radishes which grew in abundance across the farm. Besides marigold flowers, crops like bringal, ginger, gourd, cashews, etc are grown on the farm.

Devotees thereafter proceed to Nilachal Dham Farm but not before they announced their arrival to all villagers on the outskirts of Talasari District by conducting a Harinam Sankirtan (congregation chanting) from the village market to the farm.

At Nilachal Dham farm, devotees spend considerable time at the goshala patting the cows and calves and thereafter took a tour of the farm where several fruits and flowers are grown at regular intervals. A small felicitation program was held to celebrate the first anniversary of the farm, to felicitate devotees who participated in the Book Distribution Marathon during the month of December 2012 and acknowledge locals who helped the farm since its inception in 2012.  The picnic concluded with an eight course feast for all devotees.