Devotees bond at the Festival of Jagannath Mishra

The festival of Jagannath Mishra is the observance of the celebration of appearance of baby Nimai (Lord Caitanya) also known as ‘jata karma samskara’. The festival was originally observed at Yoga-pitha, Navadwipa, which is the birth (appearance) place of Lord Caitanya. After the appearance of his son Nimai under a neem tree, Jagannath Mishra held a celebration (also known as anandostava) to distribute sweets and gifts in honor of the birth of his son.

Following the fast for Gaura Purnima, which is broken upon the rising of the moon, the next day is held for feasting. Devotees at ISKCON Juhu observed this festival on 9 March, the day after Gaura Purnima by narrating pastimes of Lord Caitanya and remembering His divine appearance. Devotees got together to cook a feast in honor of the festival. It was one of the rare occasions when brahmacaris and resident devotees came together to honor prasada together and celebrate the joyous occasion.