Bhakti Lata Forum celebrates three years of spiritual culture

Bhakti Lata Forum 2011Bhakti Lata Forum celebrates three years of spiritual culture
Bhakti Lata – Youth Forum for Girls turned three on 26 November 2011 and had an enthusiastic Annual day celebration. The Bhakti Lata girls put up an entertaining evening starting with kirtan by its own members, many of whom have picked up playing musical instruments and singing Vaisnava songs after their association with the Bhakti Lata forum.
The audience comprising of friends and family as guests to the program were entertained by a short skit 'The Wedding Party' that conveyed the message of lifting the ‘anchor’ off materialistic life in order to make spiritual progress.
The event was also graced by Kapila Das, Temple Vice President, and other temple devotees who addressed the guests with short talks on spiritual culture and expressed their best wishes for the forum.
The entertainment continued with a Fusion Rap dance by the talented girls, followed by a game and sumptuous dinner prasada. The Annual day gave an opportunity to the members of the forum to pool in their efforts and talent to make it a wonderful celebration for the pleasure of the guests, devotees, Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari.
Here is a quick poem spontaneously composed and penned down and read out by Shivangi Rai, a BLYF member as the Annual day celebrations proceeded.
It has been another year
Of invaluable association,
And then today, here comes-
This wonderful n joyous occasion.
Nurtured with love
Devotion and care-
The lata now has
Sweeter fruits to share!
I thank Mataji
For her guidance and devotion
And you my dear friends
For your wonderful association.
And finally today-
As we turn 'three'-
I pray that we get closer
To Sri Sri Radha Rasbihari!!
The forum continues to meet every Saturday evening 6pm – 8pm at Chakra Hall. The program is coordinated by Krishnamai devi dasi, an airhostess and senior devotee.