Amrita Vani Seva

RupavilasIPP has come up with a special project which will help Mass Book Distribution This Project is named  "Amrita Vani Seva" THE NECTOR OF BOOK DISTRIBUTION".Whole purpose of the project is to increase the book distribution and special engagement for the congregation devotee.

This department is headed by Rupavilas Prabhu who himself distributed 61 set of Bhagavatam Set and acquire topmost position in distributing books for month of April.

Rupavilas Prabhu and his group is collecting  mass donation to purchase Srila Prabhupada book from BBT and then make this books available at subsidized price up to 25%  for bulk order (minimum 10 copy of each type).

This facility is for IPP members only.

Total Book disrtibution for the month of April
Small books 1536
Big books   47
Maha Big books 1223

Book point 2272.85

Top book distributer for the month of April
HG Rupavilas Das

Small books 324
Big books   27
Maha Big books 1105 includes 61 set of SB

Book point 2686.65

Rupavilas Prabhu mentioning that in "Amrit Vani Seva" program every month we will fix one target for book distribution and motivate all congregation to distribute Srila Prabhuad books. Further he said that Main motive of this programe is to to engage every congregation divotee in book distribution.

For more information. Pls contact: 
Rupavilas Prabhu
PH-09223294281,O22-26206860 ext-142